The Translation project

One of the main reasons that believers in Africa fall prey to various false teachings is that their pastors lack the right ministry skills and sound resources to help their flocks firmly grasp the Gospel and become rooted in it. These Pastors with little training and few resources are not only failing to protect their flocks from savage wolves in sheep’s clothing, but many of them are becoming victims unwittingly and are “distorting the truth in order to draw away disciples after them.” (Acts 20:30)
Therefore, by training them in the right ministry skills, we aim to provide preachers with theologically good and sound Bible study resources in their own language so that they can have a basic foundation from which to preach accurately and disciple their people.
To achieve this objective, we are launching a series of Translation projects by putting together a selection of books to be translated and then to be made available to the preachers in various formats. The translation work will be done with cultural and contextual awareness of the target languages in mind. 
Our first translation project  is  translating Welwyn Commentary series into Amharic.

“Good preaching is impossible without study, and study is impossible without good books.”

– Rev. John Stott

First Translation project

Our first project is to translate the Welwyn Bible Commentary series. LBM has been granted full license to translate this series from the EP (Evangelical Press) . we are so grateful to Epbooks for entrusting us the PDF format of all the 53 volumes of the WYC series.

Welwyn Commentary Series

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Future Projects

Translating WCS to Tigrigna

Tigrigna is the national language of Eritrea and it is widely spoken in Ethiopia.

Translating Concordance

Translating Bible Dictionary

Translating theological Dictionary